13:03 GMT04 July 2020
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    Jaws across the nation dropped on Friday morning when Donald Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, shrugged off the deadly Oregon college campus shooting that left 10 people dead.

    Names of the victims have not yet been released, none of the bodies buried by their loved ones, and Trump’s reaction? 

    “What are you going to do?”

    “People are going to slip through the cracks,” Trump said on Friday’s episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “What are you going to do, institutionalize everybody?”

    Trump went on to explain that since the stricter gun policies that President Obama spoke of yesterday may not stymie every crazed mass murderer out there, the subject of gun control as a solution is barely worth discussion.

    “You’re going to have these things happen and it’s a horrible thing to behold, horrible," Trump continued on to say. "It’s not politically correct to say, but you’re going to have difficulty and that will be for the next million years, there’s going to be difficulty, and people are going to slip through the cracks.”

    Who wants the president, a politician, hired to do politics, to be politically correct anyways?

    Trump’s Republican base has a history of opposition to tightening gun control laws, despite the dramatic upswing in mass shootings the US has seen in recent years. And the gun lobby, including the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers, wield strong power over Washington conservatives.

    Despite his concession that school shootings are “sort of unique” to the country, the presidential hopeful stated we “already have very strong laws on the books” and expressed no desire to try to do better as a nation.

    “What are you going to do?” Trump asked. “That’s the way the world works, and that’s the way the world always has worked.”

    As of October 1, the tenth month of the year, there have already been 45 school shootings in the United States in 2015.

    While Trump is correct that “these things happen,” he is missing the point that these things happen far too often in the US.


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