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    Nearly Half of Americans Want Wall on Border With… Canada?

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    41 percent of Americans want to keep immigrants out of the US by building a wall on the country’s northern border, according to a recent Bloomberg Politics poll.

    The issue of immigration is stirring up heated disputes in US politics these days, especially since 2016 presidential campaigns are in full swing, and some candidates have been blunt, to put it mildly, when sharing their opinions on the matter.

    Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who has staked his campaign on pungent and feisty rhetoric on undocumented immigrants, reiterated calls for erecting a massive barrier along the border with Mexico.

    As it turns out, 41 percent of Americans believe that if a wall is to be built on the Mexican border, it's only fair that one should be constructed up north as well. At least that's what a Bloomberg Politics poll released this week indicates.

    "If you cut off one, they're going to come in the other way," said Trump supporter Jake Crosan, a 73-year-old retired truck driver from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

    When asked about his thoughts on the cost of building a wall along the more than 5,000-mile northern border, Crosan explained that such an investment would save jobs for Americans by keeping immigrants out, and therefore would eventually pay for itself.

    But not everyone in the US agrees with such an unfriendly policy, and the poll shows it: 80 percent of those questioned think the American economy has traditionally prospered due to new arrivals, while 70 percent approved of the efforts of Pope Francis to support a more welcoming approach towards immigrants.

    "As a son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families," the pontiff told a crowd at the White House soon after he arrived in the US on Tuesday.

    The poll surveyed 1,001 American adults, and served to remind that immigration is a highly controversial issue that divides the US public. On one hand, 47 percent of respondents support issuing visas granting permanent residency to foreign-born students educated in the US, so that they can stay and work after graduation. On the other, 54 percent agree that "Immigration is a national security concern, so legal and illegal immigration should be decreased."  Three quarters of respondents — 75 percent — backed a proposal to require businesses to verify the immigration status of new employees.


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