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    Edward Snowden

    US Asked Norway to Arrest Edward Snowden

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    Norwegian media reported that the US had asked Norway to arrest Edward Snowden should he attempt to enter its territory following the whistleblower mass surveillance reports since 2013.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The United States asked Norway to arrest whistleblower Edward Snowden should he attempt to enter its territory, shortly after he revealed the mass surveillance of the US National Security Agency in 2013, local media reported Thursday, citing an official diplomatic note.

    "We request that should US citizen Edward J. Snowden attempt to enter Norway through any means, the Government of Norway notify the Embassy immediately and effectuate the return of Mr. Snowden to the United States by way of denial of entry, deportation, expulsion or other lawful means," the note, quoted by the NRK broadcaster, reads.

    The note was dated June 27, 2013. Later the same day, a regional office of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly contacted the Norwegian Justice Department and the National Criminal Investigation Service, describing Snowden as a criminal fugitive.

    In June 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden started leaking classified government documents, disclosing the agency’s widespread surveillance of civilian, government and corporate communications.

    In July 2013, he was granted temporary asylum in Russia. On August 1, 2014, after a year in Russia, Snowden received a three-year residency permit.


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    • MsLiberty
      The victory of liberty that began in July, 1776 with a declaration of independence was perhaps as illusory at it was hopeful. 4 years of conflict followed. The war of revolution was fought by the rebels in the British North American colonies to make the hope a reality, but the other side fought a war of attrition, and allowed it to go on until the rebels had exhausted the funds they borrowed from France. Once this happened, they staged an armistice to end the fighting. The rebels didn't realize the trap until later. What doesn't appear in school textbooks is, France was beholden to Britain at the time, thus any French loan was in effect a loan from Britain. To this day, 99% of Americans believe that the Continental Army was victorious against the Royal Army and Navy, but although General Gage "surrendered" at Yorktown, the Colonies actually lost in a big way financially. The United States has never truly been what it appeared to be. That's why, you can neither trust the so-called government, nor believe a word anyone from US Government says. Even that government isn't what it appears- it's actually a corporation drawn up in the City of London. The other reality that Americans are not taught is that the only true friend the fledgling republic had on the European continent was Russia. Everyone else wanted the upstarts crushed for daring to question monarchical authority. I hope this answers the question of why the US Government is dead-set to oppose Russia today.
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