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    The fate of six women, four dead and two missing, has a small town in Ohio on edge as residents ponder whether a serial killer is lurking in their community.

    Police say they are not ruling out the possibility that the six, but they say the women likely suffered a fate brought on by their lifestyles. All were drug addicts and some prostituted themselves to support their habits.

    Police also say they ran in the same circles, and they are searching for someone who could connect the dots.

    "There's that one person out there that has the information that's going to break this case," said Chillicothe police Officer Bud Lytle. "We know that, we just have to get to them."

    Charlotte Trego, who would be 28, went missing during May 2014 after her mother Yvonne Boggs dropped her off at a Chillicothe apartment.

    Boggs said her daughter was a drug user who may have turned to prostitution. Still, she said her daughter would not break contact for a long period.

    "She wouldn't go this long without calling me," Boggs said.

    Police are also searching for Wanda Lemons, a mother of five, who went missing last fall.

    The body of Tameka Lynch, 30, was found by kayakers on a sand bar in Paint Creek during May 2014.

    Shasta Himelrick's body was found in the Scioto River on Jan 2. She had been pregnant and had traces of cocaine and painkillers in her system. The coroner ruled her death a suicide. She was last seen on a surveillance camera which caught her leaving a gas station on the morning of Dec. 26.

    Timberly Claytor, 38, was found shot to death in nearby Massieville, Ohio, on May 29. A suspect in her death is in custody on unrelated charges.

    The body of 26-year-old Tiffany Sayre was found in neighboring Highland County on June 27, not far from where Lynch's body was recovered. Her cause of death has not been announced.

    According to police, she had spent some time with men at a Chillicothe motel that has a reputation as a site for prostitution.

    "Things like this happen all over," said city councilman Dustin Proehl. "But when it happens in a small community that's so tight knit like we are, it's happening to somebody's brother, their sister, their cousin, their co-worker. Their schoolmate. We're all so close."


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