23:29 GMT31 October 2020
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    New camouflage suits will be made from special metamaterial which interacts with light and can make soldiers practically invisible, the German magazine Focus reported.

    The US is currently testing prototypes of new stealth technology which are expected to make soldiers practically invisible.

    The Hyper Stealth Biotechnology Corp. developed exceptional new stealth technology. The company uses so-called metamaterials which redirect electromagnetic waves and curve light. An artificial material will wrap an object and divert the waves, making the object virtually invisible, according to the magazine.

    Several companies are currently working on the project. They are expected to provide the US military with prototypes of the new material that will be tested in the course of one year. The requirements for the new camouflage clothing are strict. It should work without electricity, have a maximum weight of half of a kilo and function in all climatic conditions.

    The US military has already been presented with some results last year. So it seems to be only a matter of time until soldiers are equipped with new clothing and ready to lead an almost invisible war, the magazine reported.


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