21:14 GMT08 August 2020
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    Following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody due to spinal cord injuries, violent protests continue to spread through west Baltimore.

    Beginning in Mondawmin Mall in northwest Baltimore, demonstrations have spread to other parts of the city. Police reinforcements have been sent in from across the state as looters storm area businesses. Multiple arrests have been made, and several officers have been injured.

    While protests have continued since Gray's death on April 19, police are calling this the most violent yet.

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    • 05:53

      Authorities urge the residents to be cautious and avoid certain city areas

    • 05:31

      Police commissioner says 15 officers are injured, six of them - seriously

    • 05:26

      Baltimore City Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, according to schools spokeswoman Edie House-Foster.

      Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced that the city will impose a mandatory curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., effective for one week starting Tuesday, and added that the city already has a mandatory curfew for juveniles.

    • 05:03

      Demonstrations in solidarity with Baltimore have begun in cities across the US

      There are reports of unlawful assembly in Oakland, California - a city known for its activist spirit.

    • 04:56

      Baltimore police report rioters assaulting crews with heavy objects as they try to extinguish the city's many fires

    • 04:50

      Reports continue to stream in of additional buildings set ablaze

    • 04:45

      Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor walk out on CNN interview after they're asked how they'll enforce the city's curfew

    • 04:40

      Authorities are reporting at least a dozen fires burning throughout the city

    • 04:38

      Row house on fire within blocks of where Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12

    • 04:34

      More journalists are reporting injuries resulting from coverage of the unrest

    • 04:27

      Reports: new fire in Baltimore as crews citywide battle to extinguish several blazes

    • 04:12

      Family of Freddie Gray, activists stress that violence does not represent their peaceful movement for social change

    • 04:00

      Riot police remain in position in Baltimore as unrest stretches into the night

      Riot police dont let anyone through up North Ave #Baltimore

      A photo posted by Alexey Yaroshevsky (@yaro_rt) on Apr 27, 2015 at 8:51pm PDT

    • 03:52

      Sputnik's correspondent in Baltimore reports military vehicles are moving from their position outside police HQ

    • 03:50

      Military hardware spotted outside police headquarters in Baltimore

    • 03:43

      Baltimore police: there have been shots fired, armed robbery in the city

      Youth, teens involved in Monday's unrest "will be held responsible for those actions," said Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

    • 03:35

      Baltimore police: officers sustained injuries from cinderblocks, other debris hurled at them by what appeared to be high school students

      "We were able to assemble resources from out of town" to stabilize some of the earlier unrest. 

      Commissioner Anthony Batts is speaking to journalists in Baltimore. 

      "We're still getting control" of the area, he said. "I'm disappointed in the fact damage has been done to this community."

    • 03:30

      "This is a very dark time for our city," Mayor Rawlings-Blake says at the scene of one of Baltimore's fires

      "You have to give notice to be able to have a curfew that's enforceable," the mayor stressed, responding to questions about why Baltimore's mandatory curfew will only go into effect on Tuesday.

    • 03:20

      Several hundred law enforcement officers repel crowds with suppression bullets and pepper spray

      Riot police and crowds clash in the streets, with law enforcement responding to assaults by thrown bottles and debris. Meanwhile small businesses continue to burn.

    • 03:16

      Baltimore mayor: "We will bring order."

      Responding to criticism about her response to the riots Monday night, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told reporters, "I never said... I was giving people space to destroy our city. My words should not be twisted."

    • 03:09

      Massive military vehicles spotted in Baltimore

    • 03:03

      Reports of Ferguson police attacking Baltimore solidarity protesters

    • 03:01

      The family of Freddie Gray will be speaking momentarily

      "This is not the peaceful protest and demonstration that Freddie Gray's family was so appreciative of," the Gray family attorney told CBS.

    • 02:56

      Another car ablaze

    • 02:54

      Baltimore police: We are continuing to redeploy officers across the city to ensure everyone remains safe

    • 02:53

      Maryland National Guard are reportedly en route for Baltimore

    • 02:46

      Firefighters continue to treat blazes

    • 02:38

      Police report that another car has been set on fire

    • 02:15

      Correspondent on the scene reports that the senior center fire may soon be under control

    • 02:10

      Massive fire continues in East Baltimore

    • 02:10

      Massive fire continues in East Baltimore

    • 01:59

      Sputnik correspondent outside burning senior center

    • 01:52

      Sputnik correspondent outside burning senior center

    • 01:44

      30 additional fire companies from adjacent communities have been requested by Baltimore city officials

    • 01:41

      Cops say an empty building near John Hopkins University was set on fire with molotov cocktails

    • 01:33

      According to Baltimore police, large groups continue to loot and destroy property

    • 01:29

      Baltimore police say rioters are continuing "to throw rocks, bricks, and other items at police officers"

      "Despite our efforts, criminals continue to assault officers," the police department tweeted.

    • 01:25

      Fire spreads to a church building

    • 01:25

      Massive fire engulfs what was to be affordable housing for senior citizens

    • 01:23

      Four buildings on fire in downtown Baltimore, possibly spreading to homes

    • 01:19

      Firefighters struggle to put out massive fire

    • 01:17

      Baltimore city schools will be canceled on Tuesday

    • 01:17

      Firefighters struggle to keep up with fire in east Baltimore

    • 01:15

      Multiple homes and businesses destroyed

    • 01:09

      A man dances on top of the shell of a burned vehicle

    • 01:07

      3 alarm fire in east Baltimore

    • 01:02

      Massive fire erupts in Baltimore

    • 01:02

      Massive fire in Baltimore

    • 01:01

      The National Guard will arrive in armored vehicles and will be allowed to use weapons to defend themselves

    • 01:00

      Fires continue to spread

    • 00:55

      National Guard commander: We are going to be out in massive force tonight

    • 00:53

      Maryland requests the assistance of up to 5,000 law enforcement personnel from neighboring states

    • 00:44

      Car fires continue into the night

    • 00:39

      Car fires continue into the night

    • 00:26

      Calling for calm, men gather for the 300-Man March in Baltimore

    • 00:22

      Baltimore mayor insists looters will be brought to justice

      Mayor Rawlings-Blake told reporters that video footage of the riots will be used to identify and prosecute looters.

    • 00:15

      At least 27 protesters arrested

    • 00:15

      Car ablaze

    • 00:13

      15 officers injured, two still hospitalized, according to city authorities

    • 00:01

      Baltimore has enacted a curfew

      The week-long citywide curfew will begin tonight, and will be in place from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am for anyone between the ages of 14 and 17. The curfew will begin at 9:00 pm for anyone below the age of 14.

      The 10:00 pm curfew will be in effect for everyone beginning tomorrow night.

    • 23:54

      CCTV America cameraman attacked, camera stolen

    • 23:51

      Land Rover set on fire

    • 23:50

      Mother caught slapping son for rioting

    • 23:45

      Looting has spread to Mondawmin Mall

    • 23:39

      Another car ablaze

    • 23:35

      Potential stingray use during Baltimore riots?

    • 23:33

      Protesters cut fire hoses being used to put out the burning CVS

    • 23:32

      Confrontation at a Baltimore intersection

    • 23:29

      Owner stands inside his looted store

    • 23:28

      Rocks are still being thrown, concussion grenades reportedly being fired by police

    • 23:26

      Protesters chant "Hands up, don't shoot"

    • 23:17

      Nearly 15 have been injured during riots

      A spokesperson for a Baltimore area hospital told local NBC that fewer than 15 have been injured at this point, with injuries ranging from minor lacerations to serious head wounds.

    • 23:13

      Baltimore City Council President: "This has nothing to do with Freddie Gray"

    • 23:09

      Riot explosion caught on video

    • 23:04

      Maryland National Guard, formerly on alert, now active

    • 23:00

      Rioters reportedly cut fire department hoses near burning CVS

    • 22:59

      MD Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings: "We're better than this"

      Speaking to local CBS, Congressman Cummings stressed that riots are not the way to bring about change. He added that Gray's funeral was very respectful.

      "This is our city," he said, "after all the cameras are gone, we still have to live here."

    • 22:55

      Chelsea Manning tweets a plea for calm

    • 22:52

      CVS announces it has closed some stores in the Baltimore area

      No employees have been harmed at this time.

    • 22:39

      Stand off between police and protesters

    • 22:38

      Sputnik correspondent: SWAT team spraying crowds with what appears to be pepper spray

    • 22:35

      Prince George's County police arrive on the scene

    • 22:33

      Looting spreads to an E-Z Mart

    • 22:32

      Violence continues near the CVS

    • 22:30

      Baltimore CVS on fire

    • 22:29

      President Obama offers assistance to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

    • 22:26

      Video shows protesters taking selfies in front of damaged police cars

    • 22:24

      Baltimore Orioles cancel baseball game scheduled for Monday night

    • 22:23

      Maryland National Guard has been put on alert

      Newly-elected Republican governor Larry Hogan has put the state National Guard on alert as protests continue.

      "Today's looting and acts of violence in Baltimore will not be tolerated. In response, I have put the Maryland National Guard on alert so they can be in position to deploy rapidly as needed," Hogan said in a statement. "I strongly condemn the actions of the offenders who are engaged in direct attacks against innocent civilians, businesses and law enforcement officers."

    • 22:20

      Attorney: Gray's family urges calm, "in shock" as they watch the violence unfold

    • 22:14

      Crowds continue to loot businesses across Baltimore

    • 22:11

      Violence criticized by local community leaders and Gray's family

      The Gray family had repeatedly urged for protests to remain peaceful, stressing that's what Gray would have wanted.

      Community leaders are also stressing that while the protesters' frustrations may be understandable, violence is not the answer.

    • 22:09

      Looters sort through goods stolen from a local CVS.

    • 22:07

      Police departments from the area send reinforcements to Baltimore

      Over 1,000 personnel are expected to converge on Baltimore from agencies around the state, including Montgomery County, Maryland State police, and Prince George's County, among others.

    • 22:03

      More cars burn as riots continue

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