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    Ron Paul during his 2016 presidential campaign.

    Ron Paul’s Dire Warning for U.S. in 2015

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    Even though Ron Paul retired from Congress in 2013, he hasn’t retired his political opinion. In an article posted to his website on January 8, the former presidential candidate lays out some key troubles facing America today, and provides some frightening predictions for the year ahead.

    A large portion of the post focuses on police brutality, and the wave of protests that have swept the country as a result. He attributes the militarization of law enforcement to rising tensions between rich and poor, and of individual accountability being overrun by entitlement.

    “We now live in a police state,” Paul writes.

    Paul provides a list of factors that cause the kind of violence seen in Ferguson. Among them, he cites police brutality, racism on both sides of the conflict, structural poverty, race baiting, the war on drugs, and a lack of understanding regarding government finances.

    But the section of the article most eyes will be drawn to is a list of predictions for 2015.

    In terms of foreign policy, Paul predicts that, despite Obama’s promise of “no boots on the ground,” more American troops will be sent to fight in the Middle East.

    “In reality the war has not ended and instead will continue for a long time,” he writes. “No victory for U.S. policy is possible.”

    He also predicts that the civil war in Ukraine will not end, and that “sanctions on Russia will alienate Europe against the United States.”

    Domestically, the future doesn’t fare much better. Economically, inflation will continue to rise along with taxes, and debt will “continue to increase at unsustainable rates.”

    “The [Federal Reserve] will not permit interest rates to rise – at least on purpose. Eventually the market will demand that rates do rise, however.”

    Perhaps most dire of all, Paul predicts that a “major geopolitical or economic event” will soon occur, “greater than the crisis of 2008.”

    Despite such doom-and-gloom, Paul writes that we should not be discouraged.

    “The problem of course is that too many ‘stupid people’ are IN government and have high visibility on the major TV networks,” he says. “The time has come for the ideas of liberty to prevail. I smell progress. Let’s make 2015 a fun year for LIBERTY.”

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