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    Sony's 'The Interview' and Scandal Behind It (59)
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    Over 30 percent of the US population view Sony's decision to withdraw the premiere of "The Interview" as correct, 62 percent of Americans have labeled the decision an overreaction, according to CNN/ORC poll.

    MOSCOW, December 23 (Sputnik) — Some 62 percent of Americans think Sony Pictures Entertainment overreacted when it decided to cancel the premiere of the comedy "The Interview" due to a massive data leak, allegedly performed by North Korea, a new CNN/ORC poll shows.

    The poll revealed that, while over 30 percent of the US population view Sony's decision to withdraw the premiere of "The Interview" as correct, 62 percent of Americans have labeled the decision an overreaction.

    "The Interview" concerns the CIA plotting to kill North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un with the help of American journalists. Following the hack Sony decided to postpone the movie premiere which had been scheduled for Christmas.

    Last week US President Barack Obama said that that Sony should not have cancelled the premiere of the comedy, arguing that by doing so the company in fact let a foreign dictator impose censorship in the United States.

    On November 24, a group of hackers carried out a cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, leaking salary figures, credit card numbers, passwords and other valuable data. The hackers also leaked copies of several movies online and demanded that the premiere of "The Interview" be cancelled.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated that North Korea was behind the cyberattack — a claim, dismissed by Pyongyang, which offered the United States the opportunity to conduct a joint investigation.

    Sony's 'The Interview' and Scandal Behind It (59)


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