21:13 GMT26 July 2021
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    This is not the first time English football fans have been overemotional either prior to or after a match. Netizens and sports commentators, who dubbed them "disgusting" and "morons", said they do not deserve to be called "fans" — contrary to a BBC commentator who found those scenes amusing, triggering ire on social media.

    Football is probably too important for some people, as English fans were seen storming the gates at Wembley Stadium to get to the ground where England vs. Italy clash on Sunday.

    Videos showing fans running and chanting aggressively have been circulating on social media. According to eyewitnesses, there could have been at least 100 people involved, who did not have tickets to watch the anticipated match.

    ​Some seats were allegedly stolen by the "intruders", and they also made people around them feel unsafe.

    According to British media, Wembley was temporarily shut down due to the chaos. Sky New Sports quoted a spokesman for Wembley as saying, "We are dealing with an incident that occurred at the outer security perimeter area of the stadium, with support from police".

    A disturbing scene was captured on camera presumably at the same location. The video shared on Twitter shows football fans beating a random man, with no clear reason for the altercation. What's worse, a kid was reportedly punched by the same fans, but it is not clear from the footage.
    ​Netizens posted disapproving comments, adding that this is happening on the day when England is supposed to show pride and unity (and at least, some dignity so as not to boo whenever Italian players get the ball).

    Responsible Reporting?

    BBC commentator Gary Lineker has come under fire after he joked about all four pundits in the BCC commentary box having tickets for the final, apparently, finding the disturbing scenes at Wembley amusing.

    Twitter users do not seem to share his feelings, as they rushed to savage BBC coverage of England vs. Italy Euro 2020 final match.

    "@GaryLineker, in light of these scenes at #Wembley, I think your "the 4 of us have tickets" ha ha is in poor taste. #APPALLING scenes from outside the stadium and Leicester Square. Imagine the scenes if #England win", a user tweeted.

    Metropolitan Police tweeted that a "large crowd" has gathered at Trafalgar Square, urging fans to turn back since no seats are available.

    ​It seems that whoever wins today, fans are going to flood the streets of London, with possible clashes between them and law enforcement.

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