01:09 GMT20 October 2020
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    In July, the United Kingdom opted against using Huawei in its 5G rollout following pressure from Washington, who insists the tech giant's equipment is used by Beijing for spying purposes - a claim denied by both China and Huawei.

    Chinese telecom company Huawei cannot guarantee the long-term security of its services in the UK and could only provide "limited assurance" in managing security risks, a new UK government report said Thursday.

    According to the report, drawn up by a governmental board overseeing the inspection of Huawei's equipment in the country, the Chinese corporation has been slow to address its security shortcomings and inspired little confidence it is capable to conclude the cybersecurity revamp it had previously announced.

    Huawei, for its part, pointed out that the report's assessment shows no indication that its gear failings were a result of "Chinese interference".

    "The report acknowledges that while our software transformation process is in its infancy, we have made some progress in improving our software engineering capabilities", Reuters quoted a company spokesman as saying.

    In December 2018, Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that Huawei intended to overhaul its cybersecurity to dispel concerns regarding the vulnerability of its gear to hacking.

    Huawei's future in the UK was cast into doubt in July after London announced a ban on Huawei 5G infrastructure citing security concerns.

    The decision came amid continuous pressure by the Trump administration, who has been urging allies to stop doing business with the Chinese tech firm, claiming that it is engaged in technology theft and espionage on behalf of the Chinese government.

    Both Huawei and Beijing have rejected the accusations and slammed the US for unfair business practices.

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