16:11 GMT21 January 2021
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    The new robot should be able to converse with its owner, walk and blink, not to mention its capability to mimic certain aspects of human behavior.

    A Chinese-based sex doll manufacturer called AI-AITech has recently revealed a new breakthrough which is expected to make their flagship model, Emma, even more lifelike than some of the currently existing models, the Daily Star reports.

    As Cloud Climax, a company that acts as AI-AITech’s official agent in the UK, explained to the newspaper, not only is the sex robot expected to possess motion capabilities, being able to move its arms and legs, but they also want to equip it with the ability to mimic breathing.

    "We are involved in research and development at AI-AITech. Eventually Emma will be able to move her arms and have a chest cavity that ‘breathes’. Further still, she will be able to use her legs and walk," White said.

    News of this development come as the Emma model, the first AI-capable doll made by the company, becomes available for purchase at a price of £2,799 (about $3,590).

    The sex doll is reportedly able to hold a conversation with its owner, has a wide selection of faces and bodies, can make facial expressions and even blink.

    "Our dolls are already able to replace a physical human being for our customers and this can work on an emotional level as well as a physical one", White said previously, pointing out that Emma is equipped with AI. "If you tell her you like something she will remember. You can also tell her to remember something and she will remember it for you: 'Emma, it is my grandmother's birthday next Tuesday, please remind me to send her card on Monday'."
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