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    Giza pyramid complex in Egypt

    Pharaoh's Body Scan Reveals New Twist in Millennia-Old Murder Conspiracy – Report

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    While the ancient documents detailing the fate of the people involved in the conspiracy to murder the pharaoh did not specify exactly what happened to him, an examination of his mummy helped to fill in the blanks.

    Forensic experts have made a surprising discovery about the life and death of the Ancient Egyptian ruler Rameses III, pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty, via the creative implementation of computed tomography, the Daily Express reports.

    As historian Bettany Hughes explained to viewers of her TV show "Egypt's Greatest Treasures", Rameses "was a man with lots of enemies" and, along with fighting against the invading armies from the Middle East, was also targeted by conspirators at home when his wife sought to assassinate him in order to put her son on the throne.

    "Now, we know all about this because it's recorded on a papyrus that's now in Turin and this historical event is known as the Harem Conspiracy," she said as quoted by the newspaper.

    However, while the papyrus tells us that the plot failed and the conspirators were caught and sentenced to death, it omits the ultimate fate of the pharaoh who was presumed to have died of natural causes.

    Eventually, however, a group of forensic scientists submitted the dead pharaoh to a CT scan, making a shocking revelation in the process.

    "After we made a CT scan around his neck, we found bandages as you can see here. We didn't know why the bandages are a little bit thicker than the other bandages," Ahmed Samir, a curator at the Egyptian Museum, said, according to the newspaper. "After we made the CT scan we found that he had been assassinated by cutting his throat. He could not survive it because it's big enough to cut the neck and to make the King die within a few minutes."

    Previously, Hughes also put forward a theory about the two chambers that were found underneath the Sphinx, suggesting that they could be linked to the secrets of Khufu, the Fourth Dynasty pharaoh who commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is located nearby.


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