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    While she enjoyed the popular fast food dish, her inability to eat any other type of food took a toll on her health and limited her lifestyle for over a decade, as she was unable to eat at certain restaurants with friends and family. When she turned 16, her parents decided to seek treatment to relieve her of disorder, turning to doctors for help.

    Caitlin Braithwaite, a 16-year-old resident of Whitnash, UK, has recently celebrated a stunning victory in her life — she has managed to eat her first vegetable and not vomit it up. The girl has been suffering from avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (AFRID) since she was only two years old and has only been able to eat one type of food for most of her life — burgers, the Daily Mail reported.

    Neither vegetables nor fruits were possible for her to eat, as she would reportedly start to feel "physically sick" just at the thought of eating them. Her burger "addiction", which lasted for 14 years, was a major obstacle in her and her parents' lives, as they were only able to visit places that served burgers, not to mention the inability to go to parties with friends, the media outlet reported.

    The lack of healthy food also forced her to constantly take supplements in order to avoid malnutrition. She reportedly suffered from headaches, sugar rushes and light headedness due to her burger "addiction".

    "Any time she tried to get something healthy remotely near her mouth she would start to gag and couldn't even try it. Even potatoes were a challenge for her and would make her ill, so she wouldn't even have fries with her burgers for dinner", her mother, Lorna Braithwaite, said.

    Another problem that Caitlin Braithwaite faced was that she would sometimes get fed up even with her favourite burgers and lose her appetite altogether.

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    When the AFRID failed to disappear after 14 years, Lorna finally decided to seek medical help and after a single session of hypnosis, Caitlin showed major progress and managed to start eating cucumbers, grapes, and salads. Caitlin is cautiously, step-by-step, expanding her list of food that she can eat.


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