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    Tassled Scorpionfish

    Underwater Monsters: Strangest Fish in the Ocean

    © CC BY-SA 3.0 / Alexander Vasenin / Tassled Scorpionfish
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    Lurking in the dark waters there are many creatures which are strange and dangerous. Some of them look so bizarre that they seem to have come straight out of a nightmare. A rare fish able to walk on its fins was recently discovered off the Tasmanian coast by divers, Sputnik takes a look at weirdest fish from around the world.

    The Goblin Shark

    Mitsukurina owstoni is one scary beast and it has been around for 125 million years, as it s ancestors were alive during the early Cretaceous period. The deep-sea alien like creature has a long, narrow upper snout on top of its head and sharp retractable teeth on the lower jaw. The M. Owstoni can forcibly eject and snap its lower jaw when attacking its prey.

    However, they are believed to be quite lazy and sluggish so most of the prey can get away from its dangerous teeth.

    The Red-Bellied Pacu

    The South American fish is found in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil will walk straight into your dreams with its strangely human-like teeth. It makes fishermen shudder every time they catch it and they post videos of it when caught out of its usual habitat. The teeth can easily crush fingers causing serious injuries to humans.

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    The biggest wild fish recorded measured 88cm, but the captive specimens tend to be a bit smaller than that reaching at least 60cm.

    Red-Bellied Pacu
    Red-Bellied Pacu

    The Stargazer

    It does not get weirder than the stargazer fish. It was once described as "the meanest thing in creation," by naturalists. The fish has two large bulging eyes and huge mouth on top, full of sharp teeth which look like those of Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It.”

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    The fish hides on the ocean floor from where it attacks its prey unexpectedly. It also has venomous spikes protruding from its back. 

    Northern stargazer
    Northern stargazer

    The Psychedelic Frogfish

    This fish was discovered in the waters of Indonesia in 2009. It has a strange mesmerizing pattern on its body, usually in white and orange hues. Histiophrine psychedelica also has a large, flat face, small blue eyes, and an enormous mouth. If that wasn’t strange enough the fish sports numerous growths and appendages that look like wriggling worms.

    Psychedelic frogfish
    © CC BY-SA 3.0 / David Hall / seaphotos.com / Psychedelic frogfish
    Psychedelic frogfish

    The Red Handfish

    This fish can walk on the ocean’s surface. Yes, you heard that right. The fish was discovered by a group of divers off the Tasmanian coast. It has uncanny finger-like fins which help it to walk across the surface of the ocean. 

    The red handfish also known as Thymichthys politus, according to the experts, is one of the rarest species of fish in the world, and only 20 – 40 individuals have been discovered until now.

    Common Fangtooth

    You do not want to be anywhere near this little monster. Anoplogaster cornuta is a deep sea dweller which has a global distribution in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. 

    The Common Fangtooth grows to a total length of about 7 inches. Adults are dark brown to black, with a very large head which is bony and finely sculptured. The mouth is well-armed with razor sharp fangs which can pierce through flesh in seconds. It is a predator which feeds on other fish, crustaceans and cephalopods.

    Common Fangtooth
    © CC0
    Common Fangtooth

    Tassled Scorpionfish

    This is a carnivorous ray-finned fish with venomous spines that lives in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Adult fish can reach a maximum length of 14 inches and they are seen sporting beards of sorts with a number of tassels below the jaw.

    When in shallow waters, they can be harmful as they may cause painful injury from the venomous spines if accidentally touched.


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