03:01 GMT21 October 2020
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    A resident of Toronto lost 11 kilograms after he managed to catch all of the Pocket Monsters in the game Pokémon Go.

    Roberto Vazquez of Toronto, Canada spent three and half weeks catching all the Pokemon. His endeavor was fortuitous in more ways than one: he managed to shed 11 kg (25 pounds) in the process.

    The Canadian now owns all 142 Pocket Monsters that are available on the territory of the United States, notes CBC News.

    "At first I was just playing like anyone else, but the closer I got to the coveted number, the stronger my desire became to finish the search," said Vazquez.

    This is not the first such case.

    In Finland, a man named Ali Hokk, lost 10 kilograms (22 pounds) in just two weeks, according to FlashNord.

    "Weight loss has long been in my plans. Playing Pokémon, I noticed that my weight started to decrease," said Ali Hokk.

    According to Hokk, another positive aspect of Pokémon Go is that people began to communicate more easily with others while searching for virtual characters of the game.

    Perhaps Pokemon Go's secret is that it gives often-sedentary gamers an excuse to leave their laptops and get some physical exercise.


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