16:11 GMT17 May 2021
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    Russian Bikers' Victory Day Ride to Berlin (29)
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    Several hundred bikers, all members of the Night Wolves club, arrived at the Polish border town of Terespol earlier on Monday. After being searched, Polish border guards denied the bikers entry, claiming their visas were incorrectly filled out.

    Dariusz Sienicki, a spokesman for the Polish border guards, said:

    "These people will not cross into Poland. Each of them will receive a separate refusal."

    The rally to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany started Saturday in Moscow: about four dozen Night Wolves members had planned to visit several European countries before finishing the journey on May 9 in Berlin, laying flowers at the monument for Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park.

    According to Polish media, the guards at the border crossing in Terespol were looking for the logo of the Night Wolves, while checking the documents so that the Russian bikers are not able to enter Poland like ordinary motorcyclists.

    About 60 bikers from the Polish "Katyn" motorcycle club have blocked the Terespol border crossing Monday in protest against the decision of the Polish authorities to deny the Night Wolves entry.

    The Night Wolves have returned to the Belarusian city of Brest after they had been banned from entering Poland on Monday.

    On Friday, the Polish Foreign Ministry officially banned the Night Wolves from entering Poland during their planned trip to Berlin citing a lack of details on the planned activities of the bikers, their exact travel routes as well as the location of their nightly rest stops.

    However, the leader of the Night Wolves, Alexander Zaldostanov, said that the motorcycle club would not change the route of their Victory Day ride and would cross the Polish border separately and in different places as they were not allowed to enter the country as an organized group.

    Meanwhile, the German Foreign Ministry revoked entry visas for the Russian bikers, spokesman Martin Schaefer told journalists on Monday.

    He did not specify the exact number of canceled visas, but noted that they "can be counted on the fingers of one hand."

    Russian Bikers' Victory Day Ride to Berlin (29)


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