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    Smartphone Users Plagued by Battery Drain Blame WhatsApp for Their Woes

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    Complaints about the messaging app affecting smartphones’ power consumption have apparently sprung up all over the Internet, including OnePlus Forum, Reddit and Twitter.

    The popular chat app WhatsApp recently found itself enduring a backlash from disgruntled users who blame it for causing a severe battery drain on their smartphones.

    As the Daily Express notes, this glitch seems to be mostly affecting the users of OnePlus handsets.

    “A week ago, I noticed that the battery on my OnePlus 6 started draining faster than usual. Battery wear is usually more gradual, and I started wondering”, one Reddit user complained. “This coincided with an update of WhatsApp which I installed on my phone - the one with fingerprint unlock”.

    The Redditor added that his phone showed that “WhatsApp used battery ‘While in active use’ for 1.5 hours”, even though they only “opened the app for a minute”.

    “Battery Leech! Ever since the last update, WhatsApp's background activity consumes the battery like it's free cupcakes. 25% in 2 hours according to the battery usage overview”, another person complained in a WhatsApp review quoted by the newspaper. "And that's even though I restricted background activity when I found out. That's ridiculous. Please fix your app.”

    Complaints about this issue also emerged on social media, as well as on Google Play and on the OnePlus Forum.

    ​At this time, the exact cause of this problem appears to be unclear.

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