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    Scholar Reveals Why Millennia-Old ‘Highly Haunted’ Egyptian Tomb Still Reeks of Raw Meat

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    The filmmaker specifically warned that one must tread lightly in the tomb and treat it with “utmost respect”, what with all the strange rumours surrounding this burial site.

    With vast expanses of Egypt containing numerous ancient tombs of long-forgotten kings and nobles, filmmaker Curtis Ryan Woodside addressed the mystery of one such sepulcher which belonged to Irukaptah, head butcher of the fifth dynasty, the Daily Express reports.

    Describing the tomb in the “Egypt Through the Ages” documentary cited by the newspaper, Woodside explained that the tomb itself is quite “special”, with colourful decorations and statues depicting the deceased “at different stages of his life”.

    “What’s really interesting is he was buried – and the Egyptians did this quite a lot – alongside things he needed in the afterlife. As Irokata was the butcher, he was buried with hoards of raw meat”, he said, noting that the scent of that meat seems to linger in the tomb to this very day. “The strange thing is, when you go into his tomb even today, the meat smell is still there. It’s crazy to think that something [that happened] like 4,000 years ago we can still smell how that tomb smelt”.

    Woodside warned, however, that one should not be “fooled by the beauty of this tomb” as the place is “rumoured to be highly haunted” so visitors are advised to “treat it with the utmost respect if allowed to enter”.

    Earlier this month, historian Matt Sibson also announced an interesting discovery related to Egypt’s ancient past, pointing at the alleged existence of a mysterious burial chamber beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza.


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