02:48 GMT18 May 2021
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    Mute people may soon speak out loud. Russian schoolboy Valery Strizheus invented a "talking" glove, which translates sign language into words understandable to others.

    Valery Strizheus is a 16-year-old schoolboy from the village of Sobinka, in the Vladimir Region, Russia. A straight-A student, Valery has had a passion for science and electronics in particular since he was 13. He developed the idea to create a "talking glove" in 2015, when he attended "Lift v budushcheye" ("An elevator to the future"), a school for gifted children.

    "In this school, I met a guy, who also made a glove, which was working in a different way and for a different purpose. That is how I decided to do something similar to make life easier for people," Valery told Sputnik French.

    The Smart Glove
    The Smart Glove

    The glove has various sensors installed on fingers. While every movement of the hand corresponds to the letters of the sign language, the sensors "read" them. Signals are sent to the computer, which translates them into words pronounced by the device. The current version of the smart glove is available in Russian and English languages for now.

    Valery Strizheus
    Valery Strizheus

    The unique device can become a real revolution for the mute. Now, they have to write what they want to say or rely on sign language interpreters. With these gloves, people will finally be able to speak out loud and express their thoughts to everyone.

    Before patenting the glove, Valery is going to improve it, and he is already receiving offers of cooperation.

    The Smart Glove
    © Photo : Valery Strizheus
    The Smart Glove

    The talented student has big plans for the future. The main goal of his project is "to help people through science."

    "I also want to create a device for everyday use. I could probably design some interesting device for home. Maybe I will build my own ‘smart house' system for my apartment. In any case, the purpose of my project — to help people," said Valery Strizheus.

    Valery Strizheus
    Valery Strizheus


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