09:31 GMT10 May 2021
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    The majority of all motorcycle accidents happen on rural roads, far away from hospitals and other emergency services. A brand new “smart” motorcycle helmet designed by inventor Dani Paez hopes to revolutionize safety measures by being able to inform rescuers in case of a crash and bring them to the victim, even without anyone making a phone call.

    The device, called Helpmet, is a mobile platform that performs an call for assistance if it records a G-force shock over 95, the level at which a human would be rendered unconscious. 

    Instantaneously after the shock, Helpmet activates bright LED lights and a loud siren to warn other motorists of the unconscious victim. Ten seconds after the shock, Helpmet transmits the location of the accident and all necessary data about the victim: age, blood type, allergies, emergency contact, etc to emergency services who then can track the victim using GPS.

    Currently, Helpmet is being heavily advertised in Thailand, where 80% of road fatalities occur on rural roads. Agency BBDO, who is marketing the helmet in Thailand, hopes that Helpmet can become a device that everyone uses in the near future. 

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