13:55 GMT14 July 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The medical examination of doctors who treated the victims of the incident at the military site in the Arkhangelsk region in northwestern Russia revealed no radioactive substances exceeding the norm, the press service of the Russian Health Ministry said.

    "Radiation levels exceeding acceptable levels were not detected in the bodies of the doctors. [The specialists] continue monitoring the medical workers' condition", the ministry said.

    The incident at the military site Nyonoksa village of the Arkhangelsk Region took place during tests of a liquid-propellant rocket engine in early August. The Russian Defence Ministry confirmed the death of two of its personnel, while Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom said that five its specialists were killed on the site. Both the military and local authorities said that the radiation background was normal in the area.

    In total, 91 employees of the regional clinical hospital of Arkhangelsk were examined, and 20 of them were examined at the federal centre in Moscow, the press service added.

    In the meantime, the press service of the Arkhangelsk government stated that the doctors returned to Arkhangelsk after examination, and no one needed hospitalisation.


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