20:24 GMT12 April 2021
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    The missile defense crews of the Kantemirovskaya tank division, deployed outside Moscow, have held their first live-fire tests of the advanced Tor-M2 short-range air defense missile system, the Defense Ministry announced on Friday.

    The trials, conducted at the Kapustin Yar rocket launch and development site in Russia’s southern Astrakhan region, tested the Tor-M2 system’s ability to shoot down imitators of tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, gliding aviation bombs and various types of UAVs.

    The Tor-M2 is an upgraded version of the Tor-M1 short-range air defense missile system and was designed by the defense company Almaz-Antey.

    The TOR-M2 (NATO reporting name SA-15 Gauntlet) was presented for the first time to the public during the Moscow Air Show, MAKS in 2007 and was placed on active duty with the Russian armed forces in March 2017.

    The Tor-M2 is a low- to medium-altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system designed for intercepting aircraft, cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic targets.

    It utilizes a new interceptor missile, which has improved performance, increased ammunition capacity and enables firing-on-the move capability. Military experts describe the Tor-M2 as a unique air defense system in its class with an astounding precision and range.

    The Tor-M2 is fully automated and is able to engage four targets simultaneously (Tor-M1 can engage two), and has improved electronic countermeasure resistance.


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