19:43 GMT +330 March 2017
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    Almost Half of Russians Feel Unaffected by Western Sanctions

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    Western Sanctions Against Russia (706)

    Almost a half of Russian people (46 percent) believe they are not economically affected by the consequences of sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia, a survey by the Moscow-based Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) revealed on Tuesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — At the same time, 25 percent of the surveyed said that the influence of sanctions on the life of Russian people was noticeable, while 24 percent said that the influence of sanctions was minor, the poll, conducted on February 6, showed.

    The public opinion is divided on the issue of how the sanctions affect the economy of Russia, with 39 percent of the surveyed believing that the sanctions have a minor effect, while 38 percent said that the restrictive measures had a significant negative effect, according to the poll.

    Most of the respondents (60 percent) said that the Western countries are interested in lifting sanctions against Russia, while 17 percent said that both Russia and the West were interested in the cancellation.

    The opinion poll was conducted among 1,000 people, aged 18 and older. The maximum margin of error is no higher than 3.8 percent.

    Since 2014, relations between Russia and the European Union and the United States, deteriorated amid the crisis in Ukraine. Brussels, Washington and their allies introduced several rounds of sanctions against Russia on the pretext of its alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, which Moscow has repeatedly denied. In response to the restrictive measures, Russia has imposed a food embargo on some products originating in countries that have targeted it with sanctions.

    Western Sanctions Against Russia (706)


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      I said it then and keep repeating it. MODERN RUSSIA IS NOT the SOVIET UNION .
      Ukraine will taste real BAD to E.U and NATO. They so STUPID they don't see straight.

      WORST, with this coup , the world learned the TRUTH. E.U is a group of CHARLATAN'S LIARS, CHEATS , BACK STABBERS>
      E.U demise is already in high gear.

      And no one will be able to save it. UNLESS Russian FOOLS, do ..well..it always been MY DREAM.... EURO-EURASIAN UNION.
      Where you can drive from Spain to FAR EAST, take a fast FERRY, to KURIL'S. t5hen keep going thru ALL ex Soviet states.
      BUT Russia is failing to DO what it most.. UNITE CIS, EEU is mandatory.
      CIS/EEU should be in ONE alliance ONLY.. Where all members could just cross borders, live thrive where they want, without pr-conditions. Not even criminal records. YES IF they commit a crime, they will PAY for it.
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      Wonder how people form their opinions. Is it by osmosis, or maybe by reading Fake News?
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