23:27 GMT +327 March 2017
    Russian army servicemen during the Open Water competition of the pontoon ferry units of the Russian Army's Engineering Corps in Murom

    Russian Army to Almost Double Combat Capability of Air Defenses by 2021

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    Commander of Land Force's Air Defense Troops Lt. Gen. Alexander Leonov said that the Russian Land Force will almost double the combat capability of its air defense units by the end of 2020.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Russian Land Force will almost double the combat capability of its air defense units by the end of 2020, Commander of Land Force's Air Defense Troops Lt. Gen. Alexander Leonov said.

    "The [planned] increase in the number of [air defense] units and the rearmament [with advanced air defense systems] will boost the combat capability of Air Defense Troops by 1.8 times and significantly improve the effectiveness of air defenses," Leonov said in a statement.

    According to the general, the units of the Air Defense Troops will be fully rearmed with long-range S-300V4 air defense systems, medium-range Buk-M3 systems, short-range Tor-M2 systems, as well as new-generation anti-aircraft artillery and man-portable air defense systems (MANPADs).


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      good to know.
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      There is one thing Russia needs BADLY.. Air GUNSHIP!!! Why?
      Say you fighting Terror in a town.
      You need an airship that stay high enough but with weapons to protect a big team on the ground!!
      SU 47 is great!! Because it can turn on a RUBLE!! And loiter for a long time too.
      But Russia needs a BEAR. Or other ship that stay high above and have different weapons on a side. TUPOLEV , ILL etc could create such plane. It MOST be big. Like the ILL 76 or more and can stay afloat a long real long time at s;low speed. But capable of high speeds IF need be. Terrorists worst nightmare.
      The other solution is a DRONE..
      Is VAST time Russia think forward. Switch helicopters capabilities to a hovercraft!!
      With engines on sides eventually hidden in the middle like a VTOL, Russia could have them that perform faster way faster , longer than the MIL 35!!! MI 17 or 8 or that kind!!
      Eliminate the rotor blades!!

      Could float on water or go underneath!!

      And be on an area where terrorists are. Either attack or bring troops of all kind or robots!! There could be one like the biggest heli ever made!! MIL V12.
      ANd NO MAKE IN INDIA or sell. At least 10 years after the regular military owns it.
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      Forgot, Yes is time to FIX Libya!! And do NOT get distracted with West RIF RAFF.
      Russia's air force need many more pilots and planes. A solution? Begin making oil earning , a surplus!! And eventually all resources. ONLY Russia can deal with them . And at a slow pace. Or be depleted and like Mother Theresa.

      Get a part to reinforce reserves, with RARE EARTH and what not. GOLD, PLATINUM gems. Th efirst goal? 1 Trillion Euros equivalent reserves!!
      Now on part , redistribute it.; It will act like a stimulus. Permanently. Check quarterly to determine the amount. Eventually determining the amount 3 years down the road. Invest the cash, give it to C bank and BIG BANK of Russia ONLY. The money will multiply, hopefully a few time bigger. Russia could begin with A 10 Euro equivalent monthly as test.Soon it be holding the next 3 years cash and investing it.
      It looks like nothing BUT eventually could grow to 250 Euros equivalent MONTHLY.
      Small businesses WILL LOVE IT.. And big ones too.
      Create own business and global corporations. Anyone hurting yours, you hurt theirs.
      Cars will sell like HOT BORSCHT!!!
      Give to immigrants!!
      ONLY students abroad get the check. And workers working for Russia!!
      Check could be held until they return!!
      This is on the side of performance bonuses,
      Bigger pop cap, double taxes. U.S always reports that the biggest gov income is the individual tax payers!!!
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