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    RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan

    'Dear CIA!': RT Editor-in-Chief Mocks Accusations of 'Kremlin Propaganda'

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    A declassified US intelligence report released on Friday directly accused RT and Sputnik of waging a campaign to influence the US presidential vote by helping Donald Trump’s election chances and harming his rival, Hillary Clinton.

    “Russia’s state-run propaganda machine—comprised of its domestic media apparatus, outlets targeting global audiences such as RT and Sputnik, and a network of quasi-government trolls—contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences,” the report, jointly prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency, said.

    It directly accuses RT and Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan of links to the Kremlin.

    Simonyan was quick to mock the report as “shallow,” failing to name the sources and based on dated and/or false intelligence.

    "Dear CIA! Nothing of what you wrote here holds any water.

    In 2001, I was 21 and was covering Crimean elections. Back in those days, pro-Russian sentiment there was as high as always. My two-week stint over, it didn’t go anywhere. Consider this.

    We have Sputnik branches working across the former Soviet Union. They are run by my deputy and onetime boyfriend Andrei Blagodyrenko. I offered him the job after we broke up. It was on his guard that Sputnik's popularity there went through the roof in fresh proof of the well-known fact that Russian propaganda is made in bed. Consider this.

    I’ve had several meetings with Julian Assange – a hard fact, CCTV cameras outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London can attest to. We met in London. Consider this.

    In 2013, RT became the first news channel ever to get 1 billion views on YouTube. Looks like YouTube users worldwide already had their accounts all hacked by Russian net runners, because if they hadn’t then how come so many people are ready to buy what 'Russian propaganda' tells them? Consider this.

    [First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration] Alexei Gromov is really my contact in the Kremlin. We often see each other, sometimes at a bar. I prefer German beer, he goes for Russian vodka. Consider this.

    Once he gave me a basket of mushrooms. Then a State Department staffer dropped by to enjoy a plateful of fried mushrooms, which I made him believe was a traditional Russian delicacy. Consider this.

    A year ago we showed that after they retired, Obama and Kerry would be watching RT at home and crying. This video is available online. Consider this.

    And last but not least, at the tender age of 15 I went to study in the US as part of a school exchange program paid for by US taxpayers. Donald Trump was a very big taxpayer then. Consider this too," Simonyan wrote in her livejournal.

    The report, jointly prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency, also accused RT and Sputnik of “consistently casting President-elect Trump as the target of unfair coverage from traditional US media outlets subservient to a corrupt political establishment.”

    “We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him,” the CIA/FBI/NSA report claimed.

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      But all this deliberate negative press about Trump, and fawning praise of Billary by the US and other western media during the election wasn't biased?
      It is the majority of western media and the US government that have to look themselves in the mirror. When compared to Russian news site articles, western media was much more biased and tried to use its power to manipulate the elections. Why isn't this being condemned and investigated?
    • avatar
      Very good article no daub !! Cia, Fbi and the Nsa are by profession liars and working behind a smoke scream !!! All the country's in the world do this !!!
      Of course not the terror state Usa ... :) :)
      How come that in the freedom country the media boycotted Donald Trump even in Europe ? is that fair !!! The democratic kids don't understand there own people !!!
      So President Putin must be guilty !!!
    • avatar
      edover3in reply toDarrell R(Show commentHide comment)
      Darrell R, If news articles that criticize another country's policies and actions are an illegal attempt at interfering in that country's internal affairs and elections, then pretty much every news outlet in the world is guilty!

      If this is illegal, then it is Russia itself that has a way stronger case against US interference and meddling in its affairs and elections. I suspect that the amount of such acts perpetrated by the US, and sheer volume of supporting data would be so huge, that Russia would probably need a new government agency staffed with thousands of workers working round-the-clock for years to compile it all.
    • Al
      The Irony of all this, is clear. No mention was done on the MSM total effort to promote Hillary Clinton to the white house. This effort to dis-inform the American public with false narratives.False polling numbers, and out rights lies to ensure Hillary would win. This is exactly what they are accusing RT and sputniknews of doing
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply toAl(Show commentHide comment)
      Al, Very good comment I agree 100% with you !
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Everyone is mocking the accusations at this point. How foolish the United States must look to the rest of the world. It just shows how politically corrupt and rigged the whole system is. No wonder hardly any nations respects the US anymore.
    • avatar
      One serious question to the Russkies?
      Where do You keep the ugly ones?
      I mean,it`s not funny any more!
      Think of the gUrl that rules Crimea,now this?
      Wanna give me another heart attack?
      Anyway,Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today.
      And dot`t worry what CIA thinks of You
    • city-zen
      One can imagine what a devastating influance had CNN and FOX News on american voters.
    • city-zen
      Trying to please vodka prefering Gromov he made a mistake of frying the mushrooms.
      He should have made mushroom pickels with vinegard. garlic, corriander and bay laurels!
      Otherwise he will never understand Eurasia. It makes a difference!
    • avatar
      double bonus
      [In our esponage school you would have been CANED
      for a lack of effort, which in reality is quite painful.]

      But RT pronounces the word "caned" as "canned", which has a different meaning.
      Saying they would be "canned" simply means they would be fired.
      But, "caning" them, would imply beating them on the back of the legs with a cane,
      like what happens in Singapore for chewing gum on the subway.
    • avatar
      Madame Editor, keep up the good work and excellent journalism. Since you have a good handle on how the Washington political elites operate, may I be so honest as an American to let you know that a solid majority of our citizens know only one word for these people: 'assholes' ! BTW, the CIA Chief doesn't even know the history of an agency that he has worked in for 40 years. In particular one of the most devious assaults on the free press orchestrated by the OSS and the CIA was called 'Operation Mockingbird'. The elites want a 'dumbed down, numbed out' population. Any time you feel inclined to really 'rock the boat' even more, I'm available to chat. Peace.
    • avatar
      It seems the U.S. powerbrokers thought the internet would not only be a surveillance machine but also a consensus creating machine. "Whoever controls the media, controls the mind" -- this was their world and intention (quote from J. Morrison). Too bad. They've lost control of the narrative and just can't believe or accept this fact on the ground. Like little children they are throwing tantrums and blaming others. All because of the RT and Sputniknews truthsquads. Way to go!
    • RedBanner
      I didn't know Margarita Simonyan was Editor in Chief of both RT + also Sputnik.
      Amazing and extremely competent woman! Moreover, with an incredible sense of (very good ) humor! Great response to the obvious bad guys in this "movie", I loved it!

      RT and Sputnik are my two main sources of information, because of their focus on facts and the truth. That is what we the readers/spectators, people in general, deserve, after all. That is what more and more people every single day on this planet are looking for, as the MSM lies and real propaganda are collapsing at a pace never before witnessed! I'd say at the same pace as the Western mainstream in general, from politics to science, and everything else, is collapsing.
      Too many lies, for far too long, that's what's causing their own collapse from the inside! No need for any external/foreigner influence, they are shooting themselves in their own shoes every single time they insist on the same biased, "matrix"-like kind of narrative. In the end I guess some of them even believe that parallel universe type of bubble where they seem to live.

      Anyway, thank you RT, thank you Sputnik, for a fantastic work you have been doing since you exist. A great help for many people that look for the real news about the real world where we live! Please keep the same standards you have used us to, since you started.

      For those commentators here who may have missed this great video, I highly recommend it:

    • avatar
      she should have more fun.
    • Gentle Eagle
      Oh! So we are the "quasi-government trolls?" I am?
      What the hell are these folks into? Really? Funny how they're trying to bend everything to fit their false narratives! Majority of People aren't that stupid afterall.
    • Jammy
      Well maybe Simonyan would like to clear a few facts up for me

      1. Why do S400's fail to work when Israel bombs Syria
      2. Why was the above not reported by Russian news
      3. How come it took a week for Russia to report on the recent B52 US attack on Syria
      4. Just why did Putin let Turkey invade Syria having been supply ISIS with weapons for years
      5. No tit for tat sanction from Russia for the new US sanctions

      Putin must be a coward or we are being feed a 1984 script from the book must be one of the answers and pretending we need to wait for the new Trump puppet is about as good as saying wet leaves on the tracks stoped all the trains from leaving the station.
    • Jammyin reply tomaxxus(Show commentHide comment)
      maxxus, Sorry to pop your bubble but i post on RT and no one deletes more posts than they do and not just from trolls so i cannot agree with the bit about "TruthSquads" and many of the home grown trolls won't dare to question why it took so long for Russia to report on the US B52 attack on Syria from a week ago.

      Yes i am pro-russian but i won't take bullshit from any sides when they lie or cover things up, i'm on my own team
    • avatar
      I am a US citizen -it took a long time to wake up and realize that entities within my government were not contributing to the interest of the people but rather their corporate contributors. I think about what our world leaders do to represent their countrymen -so I ask "Who do these politician's answer to? They are allegedly appointed by the people to represent the people but what is the result? Our politicians protect corporations like Monsanto in our courts to continue poisoning the world, they cover up and refuse to prosecute the CDC for knowingly injecting millions of people with live cancer virus. Now lets compare and contrast -Look at Vladimir Putin, he has banned all Genetically Modified Foods in Russia and has already taken steps to becoming the world's largest supplier of organic food, apparently President Putin is a true representative of the Russian people, our country needs a real leader like him and the people have spoken. We will not bite George Soros's attempts to divide and conquer America via BLM, there will not be a gated community in the world in 5 years that will hide these people, we will not forget their atrocities to humanity. It is time we all confront these people, the following is a letter I wrote to President Obama a few days ago and a good idea is to 'CC' other world leaders in the email so these confrontations can be witnessed. I suggest other people follow on and do the same...

      So here is what I wrote;
      President Obama,

      Do you not feel stupid? You throw out all of our diplomatic relationships with Russia
      and what does the Russian President do in return? He treats you like a child that enters
      the room when adults are talking and ignores your baseless claims, and if you truly
      represent the American People Barry then you would show unwavering evidence of
      these claims to all of the American people. You have to actually coerce people that
      your agenda is the best thing going but now the progress of dumbing down the sheeple
      was not fast enough to usher in this agenda because Bush already blew the coup with
      "Weapons of Mass Destruction" We are evolving faster than the countermeasures to
      oppress, you can not run into a room full of light and turn on a darklight. ODNI, James Clapper,
      Michael Flynn, Gen Mattis basically any honorable Military man or Police officer does
      not believe this BS allegation that Russia has been interfering with our politics by hacking
      the elections. Hahaha the best CNN could come up with was hacking a VT power station,
      do not make me laugh the American people will not bite the rhetoric anymore. First of all
      -the job of every foreign intelligence agency is to collect data on its competitors, but you
      still can not link them to being involved in our democratic election process. GAME OVER

      Kevin Taylor
    • avatar
      Darrell Rin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      edover3, thank for the comments. Good point!
    • avatar
      Darrell Rin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, thanks for your feedback on this article. You make good points.
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