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    RT Simply Reports on Events in US - Editor-in-Chief on Clapper's Claims

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    Editor-in-chief of Sputnik and RT Margarita Simonyan commented on US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's accusations.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The RT broadcaster only reports on real events happening in the United States, Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of the Sputnik news agency and the RT broadcaster, said Friday in response to US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's claims that the channel's reporting is aimed against the United States.

    "The national intelligence head says that RT undermines the American system merely by reporting on what is happening in his country," Simonyan said.

    On Thursday, Clapper said at a US Senate hearing on cybersecurity that RT had been "disparaging" of the US political system and was active in promoting its views on US hypocrisy regarding human rights and generally seeking out fissures in US society. Clapper also accused RT of spreading fake news stories.

    US media has also been lashing out against Russian journalists working in the country. In November, shortly after the US presidential election, The Washington Post published a piece claiming that Russian media outlets flooded the country with "fake news" and propaganda with the aim of helping Donald Trump win the election. The newspaper later updated the article stating that it does not vouch for the accuracy of the authors' statements.

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      That's not really true. Sputnik is doing much better recently. I don't know about RT. But I had to stop watching them on TV because if the radical DNC shilling, which is usually anti-US.
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      Well we will all be clapping when that sack of #$%$ goes.
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      "promoting its views on US hypocrisy regarding human rights and generally seeking out fissures in US society."

      Albeit coming from out of the corner of the mouth of an elitist with a mean, lying spirit, there is nothing inherently wrong with RT or anyone else does in this, as this is the purpose of the press. You, however, expect balance, the "art of the trade", as some have put it. When the press is doing its job, all of society should benefit from it. However, when the press is set up not to 'press' for change, but to set society against each other, this is where the fissures are seen as walls, not opportunities for growth. Society can fail in a number of ways, but it should never fail when it sets men against men, women against women and layers of society against one another. This is what the culture of communism will do, and has done. RT, etal, is only pointing out this hypocrisy and the national campaign was a good example of it.
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      Hegel;s dialecticism; it's the art of compromise. If you know what is is, you won't ignore what is "bad" or what is "good" in a contrary opinion. The problem is "the good" thinks it will dragged into an antithesis with "the bad" and it does not want to come out to be something that it was not in the beginning. Listen to the shills, the SJWs, the Witards and you think you have lost your mind. It is why some cannot handle their "expressions of love" in an argument. You have to know your enemy before you can reach your enemy, without becoming like your enemy. We are to go to war against those who war against themselves, and even natural law. To be afraid to listen, is to be afraid; very afraid.
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      marcanhaltin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, When Sputnik is good, it is very good. When it is bad, it is still journalism. I have been declared "disrespectful" by Sputnik's 'redactors' when it is not clear to the reasonable mind. When it sucks, it makes them work harder. Journalism that is not open to criticism, is only propaganda. Most commentators on here, really prefer the latter because it makes them feel safe in their regurgitated remarks.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      I personally have not read any lies against the US from the Sputnik writers ..... But what I have witnessed is how the US main stream media has lied time and time again. I guess what's now happening now is that the general population has woken up and realized they are being lied to by the main stream audience whether it's the media or politicians or corporations. I'm sure that does not sit well with certain agencies ....... The fact is because they are all in it together. No one wants to expose themselves because it's a threat to their position and power. That is what's beginning to happen. Also look at the ratings for the main stream media ! The ratings are at the lowest it's ever been. That's because people don't trust what is written and said anymore.
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      double bonus
      ["The national intelligence head says that RT undermines the American system
      merely by reporting on what is happening in his country," Simonyan said.]

      RT is serving as a "check and balance" against lying US officials and their false US media narratives. The US Media used to serve that goal in the past, but now they have entirely abandoned that role; and switched sides from reporting in the interests of the American People, towards propagating the false, lying, party-lines of out-of-touch US leaders, trying to impose their dictatorial rule, without allowing for critical review of their facts.

      [On Thursday, Clapper said at a US Senate hearing on cybersecurity that RT had been "disparaging" of the US political system and was active in promoting its views on US hypocrisy regarding human rights and generally seeking out fissures in US society. Clapper also accused RT of spreading fake news stories.]

      That is a double-edges sword. "Disparaging" the US political system is the same as applying a "check and balance" against the US leadership, to make them honest. Making false equivalencies on human rights is something obvious which doesn't really fool anyone. The good purpose of RT is to call out the US leadership on their lies. Putting out things in Russia's interest, is a necessity because they pay for the channel; but that isn't a problem on its own.

      Because of the initial presumption that is being expressed by the US Media that RT/Sputnik may be "fake news", the only way they can be successful is by reporting on real news, which discredits and demolishes the fake news paradigms of the US Media; which pretends it is serving the public; when it is actually doing the opposite and trying to manipulate people for its own narrow political ends.
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      Those who belive that they are a superior class would never accept others point of view or information even if it is correct. The US belives that they are superior .
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      double bonus
      Never realized how big a fool Clapper looks like by saying all this,
      until they showed the reactions of people mocking how they got
      personal calls from VV-Putin about how to vote in the election.

      The US Congressional hearings have descended into a group of idiotic fools
      for the entire rest of the world to see, in real time: Shame! Shame! Shame!

      What a humiliation to be an American right now, with what these fools
      are saying over Hillary Clinton's loss. Going from being sore losers into
      creating a NATIONAL HUMILIATION!!!
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      "The national intelligence head says that RT undermines the American system merely by reporting on what is happening in his country,"

      Well they can't have the American people being told what is really going on, no, they need more oppression and censorship. SMH
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      And what WASHINGTON OUTLETS DO ALL DAY? If NOT at every government picking anything and lying 24/7, specially IF the gov is wanted in Washington for deposing and plant puppets. U.S spy on every corner of earth. Even damage relations with "ERRORS" passing info. They monitor every politician on earth. Interfere in every election to place puppets and gain west interests. Like energy corporations etc. Create gossips, to hurt the businesses, tourism, I mean , ASK SNOWDEN.
      U.S declared war on Russia since IDIOT Gorbachev signed all teh documents and way before.
      And successfully ended relations with Russia and Georgia in 2008. rBeen creating opposition and coup after coup at every single ex Soviet state.
      Yeltsin was a CIA ASSET.
      This is PROVEN in the way he gain entrance with WEST support.

      Time to depose the PRO WEST politicians in Russia , unless they PRO Russia.
      Because Kissinger is a MOLE.
      And he wants to destroy Russia and maybe disrupt relations.

      Putin is the President of Russia NOT that guys friend. And THAT'S THAT!!
    • turexD
      US establishment playing with fire. Do they really believe US people are stupid ? People have enough of sickness and perversion and all your wars with its liars. If change not allowed people will be forced for to make change by force.
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      USA folly is so blatant that no one has to propagandize to discredit USA - simply report facts as they are.
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      RT is reminiscent of an old time news organisation, when journalists really were investigative and war correspondents reported from the war, not from a hotel a country away.
      It not only reports on US MSM hidden stories, but also Europe and worldwide.
      Like any news organisation is has an agenda and does have a concentration of international news and a tendency to be repetetive.
      I prefer Sputnik and particularly this comment section. We can at least continue a thread with diverse points of view, sometimes critical, sometimes not. RT does appear to be quite severe on criticism and as a consequence the comment threads disjointed.
      On the whole RT is a good service of which the US world order has a great fear.
      It is thanks to RT and similar alternatives to MSM news, that many people have had their eyes opened to what a terrible empire the US has become.
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      Freedom for the people .... can only be to limit the power of the government ....
      Maybe +/- 60 years ago the usa was a ex sample for freedom !!! now it is like the old USSR !!!
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      What an embarrassment.
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      Antares Prime
      Thank you Margarita Simonyan! You and Sputnik and RT are doing a great service for the entire world. Your news is the only one true and worth watching or listening to. Kudos to you, as you have the ire of the fake news chieftans who never tire of trying to brainwash the American people with their worn out lies!
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