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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Current Affairs Program | 07/04/17

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    Today’s headlines include: Breaking reports from Sweden suggest 3 dead in terror attack; Trump administration change rhetoric with unprecedented attack on Assad government in Syria; Iraqi helicopter downed by Da’esh over Mosul.

    Three people are believed to have been killed in what is being reported as a terrorist attack in Sweden — where at 2.53pm local time a truck drove into pedestrians in a busy central street in Stockholm.

    The Trump administration has made the unprecedented move of carrying out an attack against the Assad government. We’ll be taking a look at the sudden shift in the administration's policy, and the legality of the attacks.

    We’ll also be looking closely at what the US attacks on Syria mean for the role of the United Nations and respect for international law in a move that appears a clear breach of international standards, with no mandate or consultation taking place on either the UN Security Council or with the US Congress.

    The decision by over one hundred thousand Muslim Clerics to gather and protest against violent, extremists Islamist groups in Bangladesh  has sent a powerful signal that patience with radical elements in the country is running out. But could such protests also set an example to Muslim leaders elsewhere in the world to come together and protest against the rise of violent Islamism?

    A Iraqi helicopter has been shot down by Da'esh over Western Mosul for the first time since the battle to liberate the city began. We’ll be taking a look at whether this marks an increase in the capabilities of the militant group.

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