11:53 GMT14 April 2021
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    Obama Blocks FBI Clinton Enquiry | Russian Paralympian's Heart Still Set on Rio

    World In Focus
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    US President Barack Obama throws out requests by the FBI to investigate corruption allegations in the Clinton Foundation; and we look at the response to the IPC ruling banning Russian paralympians.

    Today’s main stories: The Barack Obama administration has rejected requests from three FBI field offices that had hoped to open corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation. We discuss this the journalist Dave Lindorff.

    We speak to Russian Paralympian Akzhana Abdikarimova and Evgeny Bukharov of the Russian Paralympic Committee, on the impact of the IPC ruling which bans the entire Paralympian team from competing in Rio.

    Greece has said that it will introduce what it calls "immediate and short term" plans to help deal with the flow of refugees into the country. Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, is to interrupt his vacation to hold meetings in Athens next weekend on the subject. We speak to Greek journalists Omaira Gill and Paschos Mandravelis.

    Are Daesh losing ground in Libya? US backed Libyan forces make gains in the coastal city of Sirte, a former Daesh stronghold. Jason Pack, researcher of Middle Eastern and World History, joins us on the program.

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