06:24 GMT23 October 2020
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    Trump's Veepstake 'Sessions' and the DNC Fart-In: 2016 is Getting Weirder

    Unanimous Dissent
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    Bernie Sanders supporters are finding their own ways of coping with seeing their candidate endorse Hillary Clinton. One group is planning to digest it all by eating a lot of beans and stinking up the convention. With Farts. Ugh.

    Then, the Two Sams add a third Sam to the mix. Sam Kriss, a UK-based freelance journalist joins us to talk about the post-Brexit dust settling. We chat about the new British PM, Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn’s future.

    And later, an extended classified session to talk about a brand new government surveillance program set to be “fully operational” at the end of the year, and a federal court ruling that could ground one of police’s favorite spy tools.

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