22:21 GMT17 May 2021
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    PokemonGo: The Tree of Liberty Must Be Watered With Pikachu's Blood

    Unanimous Dissent
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    It appears the police have learned nothing since Ferguson. In reaction to peaceful protests in response to the death of Alton Sterling over the weekend, Baton Rouge cops militarized and took over the streets like an occupying army. Why are lawmakers silent about the most recent show of excessive force?

    Then, we have a riveting discussion about — what else?— Pokemon Go. The game has swept the country by storm, and portends possible changes for the way we view public space and data security. Rachel Kurzius and Connor Southard join us for a Pokemon Master round table.

    And, the Obama administration announced the deployment of an additional 560 troops to Iraq. In a classified session, the two Sams examine increasing troop levels abroad and a dwindling Guantanamo population.

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