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    RussiaGate: 'Deep State' Inquisition

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    Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that three Trump-linked individuals were being charged with a bevy of crimes, but the President insists that the suspected activity had nothing to do with him or his campaign, and his surrogates are denouncing the whole thing as an inquisition.

    The most prominent of the accused individuals is Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was indicted on charges of conspiracy against the US, conspiracy to launder money, failing to register as a foreign agent, making false statements and failure to report offshore bank accounts. His deputy, Rick Gates, was also charged as well. The third person to be caught up in Mueller's net is someone who was previously unheard of for the most part, and that's George Papadopoulos, a one-time campaign advisor who supposedly lied about his contacts with what the Mainstream Media reported as "Kremlin-connected Russians".

    Manafort and Gate's charges are related to their prior activity when they were lobbying for the Ukrainian government of former President Yanukovich, and their indictments suggest that it may have been Obama-era, and not Trump-era, impropriety that they committed. As for Papadopoulos, the issue is a bit more complicated because he's accused of meeting with a professor widely reported as being Maltese UK-based Joseph Mifsud who allegedly said that Moscow has — quote — "dirt" and "thousands of emails" — end quote — related to Hillary and who apparently connected him with a senior Russian think tank analyst. Nothing ever came out of their relationship, and Papadopoulos was just a low-level staffer, but the Mainstream Media is trying to suggest that this alleged attempt at conducting what is commonly known in the political industry as "opposition research" somehow proves that the Trump campaign knew that they were being "supported by the Russians".

    The implication that all of this carries is that anyone, anywhere, who might be linked to Russia in any whichever way no matter how direct or indirect is suspected of being a "Kremlin agent", and that their interactions with American political campaigns constitute, at the very least, some form or another of "meddling". That, however, isn't only false and misleading, but is also a veritable double standard, since the Mainstream Media has hypocritically turned a blind eye to the controversial activities that author Peter Schweizer alleges occurred during the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton and the Russia-linked Uranium One deal. This inconsistency supports the claims that Mueller's RussiaGate charges are nothing more than a "deep state" inquisition against the Trump Presidency.

    Andrew Korybko is joined by Gilbert Mercier, author of "The Orwellian Empire", editor in chief of News Junkie Post, and geopolitical analyst, and John Bosnitch, Belgrade-based Canadian political consultant.

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