06:24 GMT28 July 2021
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    Florida Governor DeSantis' Proposed Anti-Protest Bill Causes Outrage

    The Critical Hour
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    On this edition of The Critical Hour, co-hosts Dr. Wilmer Leon and Garland Nixon talk to Dr. Emmitt Riley about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposing a bill on Monday called the "Combating Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act"

    We understand that the State of Florida is not Congress. We also understand the concept of federalism: the powers that are not reserved to the national government rest with the states. But states cannot enact legislation that violates the US Constitution.

    "More than fifty former world leaders have signed a letter released [Sunday] in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, or Nuclear Ban Treaty," NuclearBan.US said Monday. How will this affect all nations?

    "The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has jolted the Trump campaign, offering the president a new message to seize on in the final weeks of his reelection pursuit," The Hill reported Tuesday. Can this work? Common Dreams reported Monday that a MoveOn.org petition "calling for her seat not to be filled until after the inauguration of the next president in January of 2021 has already received nearly 1.1 million signatures as organizers spent Monday tearing up the phone lines of the US Senate."

    So it looks like the US is using its forces to ping Russian forces and see what type of response it gets. Reporting Tuesday on recent US air and sea maneuvers near Russia's borders, Antiwar.com noted, "From the North, from the South, from the East and West US war planes are simultaneously being directed against Russian defenses to probe their effectiveness and score political points." What are we to make of this?

    "Funding any weapons program with a stopgap is unusual. $1.6 billion for two submarines may seem a quibble, but it is part of a $109.8 billion weapons program, which is expected to yield 12 submarines that won’t begin patrols until the 2030s," Antiwar.com reported Monday about a recent funding bill from the House of Representatives. "In a world where nuclear submarines are less and less of an issue, this expensive of a program is very controversial, which is why the Navy is pushing so hard to save it. "

    "The coronavirus pandemic has fractured global relationships. But as director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, [John] Nkengasong has helped to steer Africa’s 54 countries into an alliance praised as responding better than some richer countries, including the United States," the Associated Press reported Tuesday. How big of a breakthrough is this for countries on the continent? 

    "Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that Tehran has no plans of renegotiating the 2015 nuclear deal, stressing that Washington must return to the accord 'without condition,'" Middle East Eye reported Monday. What are we to make of these statements?


    Dr. Emmitt Riley - Political scientist and assistant professor of Africana studies at DePauw University

    Kathy Kelly - American peace activist, one of the founding member of Voices in the Wilderness and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence

    Greg Palast - Investigative reporter

    Dr. Greg Carr - Attorney; associate professor of Africana studies and chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University; and adjunct faculty at the Howard School of Law

    Scott Ritter - Former UN weapons inspector in Iraq 

    Margaret Kimberley - Editor  and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report and author of "Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents"

    Netfa Freeman - Host of Voices With Vision on WPFW 89.3 FM, Pan-Africanist and internationalist organizer

    Danny Sjursen - Retired US Army major and author of "Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War"

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