23:48 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Broken Machines and Other Shamefully 'Normalized' Electoral Dysfunction

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    Brad Friedman
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    On today's BradCast: Documenting trouble for voters at polling places from coast to coast today on Election 2016 (Yes, it's finally arrived!) as Americans struggle to take part in their own democracy.

    Among the breaking news stories covered on today's program…

    • After Hillary Clinton wins the first contest of Election Day…
    • Broken voting machines, electronic pollbooks and shamefully long lines are reported in parts of Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio and elsewhere.
    • Misinformation about ID needed to vote and polling place closing times and registration requirements in a number of states is being reported as well.
    • North Carolina's NAACP calls for poll hours to be extended in Durham County.
    • A judge in Nevada firmly rejects the Trump campaign's claim that polls were improperly left open during Early Voting over the weekend (in Hispanic areas.)
    • The woeful Governor of Maine Paul LePage lies about student voting requirements in his state, hoping to intimidate them, after fliers are posted at a local college doing the same.
    • An Idaho county elections office also wildly misleads to discourage student voting.
    • Rightwing disinformation expert and dirty trickster James O'Keefe pretends to find "voter fraud" in Pennsylvania.

    And many other developing shameful stories (and occassional hopeful ones) from Election Day 2016 — as a glimmer of light may be shining at the end of our long national tunnel…or is that just an oncoming train?

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