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    Saturday's 'Secret' Democratic Debate in New Hampshire

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    On today's BradCast, we spoil the secret by talking about that and everything else that actually went on during Saturday's debate on ABC between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.

    The Democratic National Committee seems to have wanted their Democratic Presidential Debate in New Hampshire over the weekend to remain a secret. Otherwise, why would have they have scheduled it on the Saturday before Christmas?!

    On today's BradCast, we spoil the secret by talking about that and everything else that actually went on during Saturday's debate on ABC between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.

    Joining me are financial journalist David Dayen of The Fiscal Times, Salon, The Intercept and everywhere else and health care reform advocate and journalist Jacki Schechner, formerly of CNN and CurrentTV.

    Among the issues covered in today's post-debate coverage and analysis:

    • Do voters actually care about last Friday's database breach by the Sanders campaign?
    • Is the DNC 'in the bag' for Hillary Clinton?
    • Do Democrats play into GOP/corporate media narratives by spending so much time discussing ISIL and terrorism?
    • Is there any real daylight between Clinton and Bernie Sanders' positions on gun safety reform?
    • Does Martin O'Malley bring anything to the contest that Clinton and Sanders don't already have covered?
    • Why did ABC News spend so much time on Republicans during Saturday's Democratic debate?
    • Does the math really work for Sanders' plan to provide free college tuition to all public colleges and universities by instituting a tax on Wall Street transactions?
    • Does the math really work for Sanders' call for a single payer health care system?

    Did ABC's Martha Raddatz completely misinform America in her question to Clinton concerning Obamacare?

    All of that and much more on today's BradCast, as expertly answered by Dayen and Schechner! Especially helpful to those of you who might have had something else to do on a Saturday night before Christmas…like, I dunno, go see Star Wars!

    You can find Brad’s previous editions here.

    And tune in to radio Sputnik one hour a day, five days a week.

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