14:45 GMT +318 August 2019
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    Brad Friedman
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    We catch up with a lot of incoming from over the past weeks as Republicans officially begin to freak out about the likelihood of Donald Trump becoming their nominee and the possibility (perhaps, their hope) for a contested nominating convention.

    We cover quite a bit of ground on today's show, as you'll hear, so I'll just let you listen and make of it what you will, rather than go into great detail here.

    Suffice to say, we call out not just Republicans for the mess we're all now in — from the rise of money in politics to to the rise of Trump to the rise of fear and fascism to the rise of global temperatures — but also the mainstream corporate media. Had they not consistently failed to do their job over the past decade (or two), they might have kept this entire fine mess from happening in the first place.

    But why would want to? They are now the biggest winners of all. And the Democrats don't seem to be laughing about it any of it anymore. Enjoy the show.

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