12:25 GMT26 February 2021
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    Biden In the Balkans: Adjusting the Line of Fire?

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    Vice President Biden, one of the staunchest supporters of the 1999 NATO War on Yugoslavia, made his last trip to the Balkans by paying visits to Serbia and Kosovo in an attempt to sideline Moscow from Belgrade just weeks before Prime Minister Medvedev’s visit and joint Russian-Serbian war games.

    Secretary of State John Kerry infamously warned last year that the Balkans were in the “line of fire” between the US and Russia, and Biden’s outreaches to Serbian Premier Aleksandar Vucic certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. Despite gaffing and disrespectfully calling the country by the name of its archenemy, Croatia, Biden was still heralded by Vucic as – quote – “a friend of Serbia and my personal friend” even though the Vice President screamed before Congress nearly 20 years in May 1998 that – quote – “We should go to Belgrade and we should have a Japanese-German style occupation of that country.”

    Sergey Strokan and Andrew Korybko are joined by Boris Volkhonsky, Head of the Asian Section at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (studio guest); Stefan Karganovic, Director of the Srebrenica Historical Project and writer at the Serbian weekly "Pechat"; and Borislav Korkodelovich, Serbian independent political analyst (Belgrade) to discuss the future of U.S.-Serbia relationship in more detail.

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