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    Nuclear Summit in Washington: Dark Side of the Atom

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    President Obama hosted the Nuclear Security Summit which Russia notably chose to abstain from, and the end result of the meeting was that non-proliferation remained at a crossroads.

    Russia’s decision to abstain from the forum was announced after Mr. Obama backtracked on his initial pledges to cut nukes and Pentagon unveiled its new plans to build-up nuclear triad.

    In an article entitled “Power players set to miss DC nuclear summit”, written by Lucas Tomlinson and carried by Fox News, the author quoted Russia’s Foreign Ministry as saying that the summits have “played their role,” but now interfere in the activities of the United Nations and other groups.”

    He also wrote that: “The absence of the Russian government and the prime minister of Pakistan — both important nuclear powers — could hinder the talks.”

    Adding a global context to the event, Mr. Tomlinson noted that “The summit is being held in the shadow of a rash of terror attacks – in Brussels and now Lahore – but also recent nuclear activity. In January, North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test, and has threatened more. North Korea’s recent provocation is expected to receive considerable attention. China’s president will visit Washington later this week to attend the summit, with North Korea in mind.”

    Vladimir Sotnikov, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies and analysis “Russia-East-West” (studio guest); Sergei Batsanov, Director of the Geneva Office of Pugwash Conferences on Science, one of the leading international organizations in the sphere of nuclear disarmament (Geneva); and Paul Grenier, independent expert and author, who worked to facilitate communications between MINATOM and the US Department of Energy on nuclear material controls and accountability projects, commented on the issue.

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