15:43 GMT17 April 2021
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    Turkey: A Triad of Terror

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    Turkish President Erdogan announced an all-out offensive against Kurdish militants, radical Marxists, and radical Islamists, following a spree of deadly attacks never before seen in the country’s history.

    In an article entitled “Turkey v Islamic State v the Kurds: What's going on?”, carried by the BBC and written by Neil Arun, the author states: “The Turkish government says it is ready to fight all the enemies of its national interest. But many observers believe it is particularly interested in one enemy. The question is: Which one? Some say Turkey will help the Americans hammer IS, while striking the PKK as a warning — no more. Others say it will go after the Kurds hardest, while doing the bare minimum against IS.”

    Shedding more light on the multifaceted and complex war that Turkey is fighting, Arun says that “In a further complication, Turkey is hunting leftist DHKP-C militants, blamed for several shootings and grenade attacks. The DHKP-C claimed one of its militants fired at the US consulate in Istanbul on 10 August.”

    Armen Oganesyan, Editor in Chief, “International Affairs” magazine (studio guest) and Dr.Ahmed A.Hafez Fawaz, Honorary Research Fellow from University of Aberdeen(UK) join us to discuss the issue.

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