22:47 GMT09 August 2020
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    Senate Bill Installs Economic Junta in Puerto Rico

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    Puerto Rico defaults today on over $1 billion of debt despite the poison pill “rescue” legislation passed by the Senate on Wednesday. Now, the colonial shackles will be tightened even more.

    To discuss the situation in Puerto Rico, Brian Becker is joined by Cate Long of Puerto Rico Clearinghouse.

    Arch Neo-conservative Republican leader Robert Kagan is hosting a major fundraiser not for the Republicans but for Hillary Clinton. NeoConservatives ruled the roost under George W. Bush and now they see Hillary Clinton as the continuation of their hyper-interventionist dream. Brian is joined by journalist, author, historian and policy analyst Gareth Porter.

    France’s foreign minister says sanctions against Russia should be lifted as soon as possible. Will European countries break free from US domination in their foreign policy? International security and policy analyst Mark Sleboda joins the show.

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