07:44 GMT25 July 2021
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    NDAA Allows Next President to Detain US Citizens Without Charges

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    On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker looks at the Senate and House vote on the 2017 military budget in the aftermath of the Orlando attack.

    The new House version of the NDAA allows for the detention of US citizens without due process and both versions prohibit closing the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Joining Becker to discuss the bill is Jeremy Varon, professor and activist with Witness Against Torture.

    Saudi Arabia's powerful new defense minister is in Washington for talks with President Obama, John Kerry and Ash Carter. Saudi Arabia is on the march in an aggressive economic, military, political and religious foreign policy. How US-Saudi relations are changing and continuing. Becker is joined by Massoud Shadjareh, the founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

    NATO has announced that they are deploying four new battalions to the Baltics and Poland numbering up to 4,000 troops. Are there new divisions emerging from within NATO? What's next in the new Cold War? Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst, joins Becker to discuss the NATO build up.

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