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    Hard Facts

    NATO on Trial

    Hard Facts
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    On this episode John is joined by author and academic Dr James Corum, an expert in military strategy and former Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, as he questions and condemns NATO's record in this lively, heated debate.

    NATO was formed in the context of the Cold War. However, although the Cold War ended over 25 years ago, NATO's membership has only grown. Contradicting its claim to be a protector and pillar of human rights and democracy, NATO, according to John Wight, played a fundamental role in the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, the failed occupation of Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya, and the extreme provocation of Russia.  Wight argues in this program that this evidence points to NATO as less a force for peace and stability in the world and more a military alliance dedicated to the projection of western imperial power.

    In this endeavor he debates Dr James Corum on the hypocrisy surrounding NATO's existence and takes him on head to head on the key issues concerned with NATO expansion.  He also asks if Donald Trump's election will impact on the future of NATO.

    Hard Facts is aired every Wednesday. You can listen to other shows here.

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