08:38 GMT07 March 2021
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    Trump is Cancelled... End of Story

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan direct their attention towards the latest international activity of the US since the news has been flooded with Trump headlines. Mainstream media is savvy in regards to distracting.


    Vanessa Beeley - International Investigative Journalist | Unnoticed US Aggression Abroad

    Vasudeyan Sridharan - Journalist based in South India | India's Supreme court May Halt Farm Laws

    Nanre Nafziger - Pan-African Activist | Special Anti-Robbery Squad: Rogue Police Unit

    Mark Frost - Economist and Professor | Bid Tech Shows It's Hand

    The internet has opened the opportunity for independent journalists to express themselves fully. Many people are skeptical of mainstream media's intentions when running stories. International investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley points out some of the latest US activities that have not been reported on.

    India has been dealing with a major internal conflict between the government and the farmers. There have been mass protests and legislation. Journalist Vasudeyan Sridharan joins the show to give us an update on the situation.

    Nigeria has been dealing with its own heap of social issues. Terrorist groups and law enforcement have caused the country to rise up. Pan-African activist Nanre Nafziger discusses the country's biggest issues.

    It is very clear that Trump has been cancelled. As his presidency comes to an end, he once again, through his personality, pulled the covers back on multiple issues. Economist Mark Frost explains what Trump has allowed us to see about big tech.

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