02:05 GMT08 August 2020
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    Kanye, Culture War and Covid-19

    Fault Lines
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    On today's episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas talked about the US's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore. They also discussed the Jeffrey Epstein case, Afghanistan, Kanye West’s presidential bid, and the merits of socialism versus capitalism.


    Alexander Mercouris - Editor-in-Chief at TheDuran.com | Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

    Scott Ritter - Former U.N. Weapons Inspector & WMD Whistleblower | Afghan Pullout Outlook Bleak

    Caleb Maupin - Speaker, writer, journalist, political analyst, and author of City Builders and Vandals in Our Age: Articles and Essays on Socialism | Socialism v. Capitalism

    In the first hour, Jamarl's monologue focused on President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech and whether leftist radicals are actually the problem the President claims.

    The hosts were joined by Alexander Mercouris, who discussed how Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest will play out. Mercouris noted that the indictment seems to have been carefully constructed to avoid conflicts with the previous plea deal that was reached in the case. Alexander also described Prince Andrew's recent interview disaster about Epstein and how it's creating a crisis for the monarchy. Turning to Covid-19, Alexander said he thinks Boris Johson has handled the Covid-19 crisis even worse than President Trump.

    In the second hour, Jamarl and Shane talked to famed whistleblower and writer Scott Ritter about the uncorroborated "Russian bounty" story and how the use of propaganda and pressure is keeping Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises on removing troops from Afghanistan. Scott also outlined the problems the United States is facing as a world power and discussed the importance of the constitution.

    In the third hour, Caleb Maupin expanded on his views that socialism is a more effective means of production and used the response to the COVID-19 virus in socialist countries like China and Cuba as an example of the system's efficiencies. They also discussed whether capitalism would end up destroying itself.

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