22:48 GMT +323 February 2019
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    Fault Lines

    Guests Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth; President Trump Lands in Europe

    Fault Lines
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    Lee Stranahan, Garland Nixon
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    On today's show, Garland and Lee discuss President Trump's speech in Poland as well as the commission he put together investigating voter fraud; however, more than 40 states refused to cooperate. Later, they're joined by Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman who will talk about their political activism on behalf of the bail bonds industry.

    President Trump is in Europe, and in today's show Garland and Lee will discuss his speech and press conferences this morning in Poland as well as his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    In the second round, the president established a commission looking into voting and over 40 states have refused to cooperate. Is this fair resistance to a Trump overreach or simply bureaucrats trying to cover up problems in the election system?

    In round three, Garland and Lee are joined by Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman, who will discuss their political activism on behalf of the bail bonds industry. Is "criminal justice reform" the real goal of reformers who want to get rid of money bail?

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