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    Double Down

    Unemployment Results From No Jobs?

    Double Down
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    Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert
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    On today's episode of Double Down, hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org to discuss the latest jobs report. And it's grim.

    Was the latest jobs report in the US positive or negative? Were jobs added? Or destroyed? It depends on which survey you believe. Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org says the truly worrying data in whichever jobs data you look at is that the only job growth is seemingly coming for those without a highschool degree, which suggests that the US is turning into a low wage economy.

    If low wages are the future, are expensive college degrees worth the massive debt loads and time sink?

    Furthermore, the majority of higher paying jobs being created are in the healthcare sector which are, in turn, mostly parasitic paper pushing jobs thus draining capital and energy from the economy, thus destroying the chances of better jobs in the future.

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