03:10 GMT25 February 2021
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    Russian-Saudi Rapprochement, 'Mad Dog' Against CPEC, US-Turkish Visa War

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    This week’s program starts off by talking about the fatal ambush of US special forces troops in Niger last week and the overall geostrategic importance of this desolate landlocked country.

    Then it swings around to explaining the reason why the US has decided to lift its financial and technological sanctions against Sudan. After that, the show discusses the impact of the US-Turkish "visa war" on the bilateral relations between these mutually distrustful partners. Once that's done, we take a look at the real reason behind US Defense Secretary Mattis' hostile remarks about CPEC and Pakistan. And finally, our top story of the week is about the military-political implications of the Russian-Saudi rapprochement, particularly as they relate to the War on Yemen.

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    War on Yemen, visa regime, bilateral relations, General James Mattis, Turkey, US, Russia, Niger, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan
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