23:57 GMT05 April 2020
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    A new national poll has revealed that the disaster of the Trump-sponsored replacement health care bill is firing up opponents from all quarters to dump Republican lawmakers in next year’s midterm elections, and even impeach the president.

    A new Public Policy Poll (PPP) has found that just 40 percent of respondents approve of the president. In an unprecedented finding, 48 percent support the impeachment of Trump, while just 41 percent disagree.

    Tellingly, just 43 percent of those US voters polled think Trump will serve a full presidential term, while 45 percent think he will not last the four years.

    The poll found that 55 percent of voters consider Trump to be dishonest, while 51 percent consider him an outright liar.

    Trump's unwillingness to release his tax returns is also going a long way toward contributing to his striking unpopularity, as 62 percent affirmed that the president's IRS data must be made public.

    The poll found that, of those affirming that they were "very excited" to vote in 2018's midterm elections, an overwhelming 61 percent were intending to vote Democrat.

    Amusingly, a significant margin wish that they could return to the good old days of "no-drama" Obama, as 55 percent would prefer that the two-term Democratic president was still in office.

    America's polarizing health care debate has resulted in the approval rating of Congress to drop to an eye-watering 15 percent, while 64 percent of those polled favor keeping the existing Affordable Care Act (ACA), or "Obamacare" health care system.

    The Public Policy Polling survey included 692 registered US voters and was conducted May 12-14, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percent.


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