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    People wait in line to vote in the second round of 2017 French presidential election at a polling station in Lyon, France

    French Voters 'Discouraged,' But Nonetheless Casting Ballots – National Front

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    2017 French Presidential Election: Round 2 (36)
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    French voters feel "discouraged and lost," as the second tour of presidential election is highly non-typical for France, but still are voting en masse, Pierre Sterligov, a member of the French National Front party, told Sputnik on Sunday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — France is voting in the second round of the election to choose its next president between former leader of the National Front Marine Le Pen and independent candidate Emmanuel Macron.

    "The runoff is taking place in a specific atmosphere, with a part of the voters being discouraged and lost. For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic the Republican candidate [Francois Fillon] failed to make it into the second round, receiving 19 percent of the votes. It is difficult for the right-wing voters to choose between Macron, who is considered to be the disguised incarnation of the policy of [current President Francois] Hollande and Marine Le Pen," Sterligov said, adding that despite it, election remains an important event and the French are fulfilling their duty and going to polling stations en masse.

    He added that the choice is also difficult for the leftist voters, whose candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon received 19 percent in the first round and who now have to choose between the "ultra-liberal" policies of the former banker Macron and the "incarnation of evil" Le Pen. The candidate of Socialist Party Benoit Hamon only received 6 percent, which is an "unprecedented fiasco."

    "The polls predict that Macron will win with 61 percent of votes, and Le Pen will receive some 37-38 percent. In the first round, the experts were right. I think, it will be so [in the second round]," Sterligov said, but added that many voters are expected to deny their support to both candidates, despite such empty or "white" envelopes not being counted.

    He added that he chose the National Front because it is the only party that "is fighting for France to remain France and not to become a colony of its former colonies."

    "And it’s the only party that never had the power [as a president or among the ministers] and therefore has nothing to do with the pitiful state of the country," Sterligov said.

    According to the latest polls, some 25 percent of the French citizens are expected to abstain from voting, and the French Interior Ministry estimated the turnout at 65.42 percent as of 15:00 GMT.

    2017 French Presidential Election: Round 2 (36)


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