10:31 GMT22 January 2021
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    Donald Trump promised to focus on America's domestic affairs, but his first months in office have been marked by aggressive posturing abroad, something few have expected. This strategy is a cover-up tactic that Trump uses to tackle those opposed to his policies at home, journalist and political analyst Anatoly Wasserman wrote for Sputnik.

    "Trump has largely been forced to carry out policies of the previous US administration against the backdrop of unyielding propaganda pressure. As far as I understand, he has adhered to these policies as a smokescreen in the sense that he has carried out extremely aggressive missions to achieve purely propaganda results," the analyst explained.

    Wasserman cited the Pentagon's massive airstrike against a base operated by the Syrian Arab Army as a case in point. The operation which saw 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles hit an airstrip in the Idlib province resulted in minimal damage.

    "In addition, the Russian air defense system [deployed to Syria] appears to have received a wonderful opportunity to test its components. Of course, there has been no official confirmation, but indirect signs abound," he said.

    The White House has used the same approach with North Korea. Although tensions between both countries have increased, neither has made any real offensive steps. Wasserman described DPRK leader Kim Jong-un as "clearheaded," saying that the North "does not pose a threat to anyone."


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    • Yes, I expected from him a more competent foreign policy
      51.2% (1852)
    • Yes, he turned out to be a more capable politician than I imagined
      12.1% (439)
    • No, from the very beginning it was clear what he was like
      36.7% (1330)
    Voted: 19
    However, if Pyongyang "comes under attack, it could give a strong response. Some experts assume that due to an unorthodox use of nuclear technologies North Korea could mount a nuclear warhead on all of its missiles, some of which could be deployed to US shores on diesel-electric submarines," the analyst said. "In these circumstances, Trump has naturally settled on tough talk and saber-rattling."

    Wasserman further suggested that Trump's assertiveness is not aimed at foreign nations, but is rather directed at his domestic opponents. 
    Trump's tough stance on Russia "is aimed at weakening domestic opposition, not Moscow," the analyst said. "As far as I understand, he has mentioned sanctions primarily because our country has clearly demonstrated its capacity to withstand them."

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