07:55 GMT +330 March 2017
    Rex Tillerson testifies during a confirmation hearing

    US Secretary of State Acknowledges Possibility of Nuclearization of Asian Allies

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    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an interview on Saturday that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of nuclear weapons in Japan and South Korea to counter North Korean aggression.

    Tillerson opened up his six-day official trip to Asia announcing that the US would consider "all options" to deal with the circumstances that could evolve on the Korean Peninsula, including arming regional allies with nukes.

    According to Tillerson, the long drawn policy of “strategic patience” toward North Korea has to stop and give way to a more effective approach to halt the regime’s advancing nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

    "If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level we believe requires action that option is on the table," he told reporters.

    The Secretary of State, however, emphasized that the US didn’t want tensions to escalate to a military conflict and that the suspension of North Korea’s weapons programs would negate any thought or need for its neighbors to develop their own nukes.

    "Our objective is to have the regime in North Korea come to a conclusion that the reasons that they have felt they have had to develop nuclear weapons, those reasons are not well-founded," he told reporters.

    Tillerson made it clear Washington was very concerned with the “imminent” threat of North Korea and called on China for stronger cooperation with the US to deter the secluded communist state from nuclearization.

    Despite United Nations' sanctions and calls for denuclearization worldwide, North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests and a number of missile launches, with some government officials and experts believing that the DPRK (Democratic Republic of Korea) is drawing dangerously close to developing a rocket capable of striking the US.


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    • md74
      with this logic, anyone who needs protection against a nuclear state should get nuclear weapons too? So half of the world can get them?
    • avatar
      If the US could use some pre-text to Nuclear-arm its allies, why not Russia and China ? Russia and China should also arm their allies such as Iran, Venezuela etc with Nuclear arms. But, first thing first, Russia and China should first establish Military Alliance with those countries, just like the US is doing.
      A large, well-equipped standing army on the southern border.

      Regular, large-scale war games offshore.

      American nuclear weapons stored in Okinawa (against the law of the country and the wishes of its people).

      An endless stream of negative stories in the American press.

      Harsh, threatening language from top American officials such as Tillerson (and just look at that picture of him at the top of the article).

      America never willing to have open and free discussions.

      The harshest possible economic sanctions.

      Gee, I can't imagine why the North Koreans might feel threatened.
    • AnomicDust
      Nukes obviously are regime change insurance, specifically in the scenario where the target is immune from 4th gen techniques. Supplying nukes to the co-conspirators is like selling a gun to a suicide prone patient so that he can learn to act responsibly.
    • landauroj
      This is a good idea nuclearization of Asia as a whole could be a very good idea (Not just allied of the USA). The Trump administration is not stupid, because the USA will control the operation and launched of these nuclear missiles. Even the UK cannot operate its nuclear deterrent without the direct involvement of the USA in the operation. The UK cannot operate the nuclear button. This will give the USA a big advantage in nuke Russia, China, North Korea with almost no response or retaliation of these countries because of the short distance to hit the target.
      The Russia and China must convince Nicaragua to accept being nuclearizated by Russia and China as well. No way the USA will allow nuclear weapon in Asian countries without full control of when, and how to operate this nukes. South Korea, Japan, and other are just puppet countries.
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